NJ DOH is the state agency responsible for public health in New Jersey, main office located in Trenton. NJ DOH address is 369 S Warren St, Trenton, New Jersey 08608, phone number is 609-292-7839. It is recommended you use the below NJ DOH phone numbers for the different health matter you are calling for.

NJ DOH Phone Number

NJ DOH main phone number: 609-292-7839

Commissioner’s Office: 609-292-7838 or 7839
After Hours Contact: 609-392-2020

Tuberculosis (confirmed or suspected cases): 1-609-826-4878
Board of Medical Examiners (Division of Consumer Affairs): 1-609-826-7100
Health Care Quality Assessment: 1-609-984-7334
Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
Cancer Education and Early Detection (NJCEED): 1-800-328-3838
Family Health Hotline: 1-800-328-3838

WIC: 1-800-328-3838
Medicaid: 1-800-356-1561
NJDOH General Inquiries: 1-800-367-6543
Consumer Reports on Health Care Quality: 1-800-418-1397
LIHEAP (Department of Community Affairs): 1-800-510-3102
SIDS Hotline: 1-800-545-7437
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: 1-800-545-7437
STDs/Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline: 1-800-624-2377
Social Security (federal government): 1-800-772-1213
Senior Programs Information: 1-800-792-8820
SHIP Phone Number: 1-800-792-8820
Radon Information: 1-800-792-8831
Hearing Aid Assistance for the Aged and Disabled: 1-800-792-9745
Lifeline Utility Assistance: 1-800-792-9745

PAAD/Senior Gold: 1-800-792-9745
Senior Gold: 1-800-792-9745
Hospital Complaints: 1-800-792-9770
Nursing Home Complaints: 1-800-792-9770
Charity Care: 1-866-588-5696 (Se Habla Español)

Quit Smoking Services: 1-866-657-8677
Senior Services and Benefits – NJ EASE: 1-877-222-3737
Nursing Home Ombudsman: 1-877-582-6995
Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly: 1-877-582-6995
Community Choice Counseling for Nursing Home Residents: 1-877-856-0877
Early Intervention System: 1-888-653-4463
State Government Telephone Operator: 609-292-2121
Patient Safety: 609-341-5558

Public Health Environmental and Agricultural Labs: 609-406-6860
Emergency Medical Services/EMTs: 609-633-7777
Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board: 609-633-9706
Vaccine Preventable Disease Program: 609-826-4860
Immunizations: 609-826-4861

Animal Spay/Neuter Program: 609-826-4872
Spay/Neuter Program: 609-826-4872
Infectious and Zoonotic Disease: 609-826-4872 and 609-826-5964 (Monday – Friday)
Consumer, Environmental and Occupational Health: 609-826-4920
Food and Drug Safety Program: 609-826-4935
Nitrous Oxide Permits: 609-826-4935
Bedbugs: 609-826-4941
Indoor Environments Program: 609-826-4950
Environmental Public Health Tracking: 609-826-4984
Occupational and Environmental Diseases, Injuries and Poisoning Reporting: 609-826-4984
Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH): 609-984-1863
Right to Know Program: 609-984-2202
Tobacco Control Program: 609-984-3317

Cancer Patients/Resource Information: 609-984-5148
Center for Health Statistics: 609-984-6703

Media Inquiries: 609-984-7160
HIV/AIDS, STD and TB Health Insurance Continuation Program Hotline: 800-353-3232
Alcohol and Drug Issues: 800-382-6717
Mental Health Services: 800-382-6717
Animal Cruelty: 800-582-5979
AIDS/STD Hotline: 800-624-2377
Medicare (federal government): 800-633-4227
Criminal Background Investigations: 866-561-5914
Nurse Aide Certification: 866-561-5914
ADRC (Aging & Disability Resource Connection): 877-222-3737
AIDS Drug Distribution Program Hotline: 877-613-4533

NJ DOH phone number to speak to a real person from NJ DOH for state health matters including COVID-19, vaccine appointments, and medical insurance is 609-292-7839.

New Jersey State Department of Health Vaccine Appointment

New Jersey vaccine appointment can be scheduled for those who are eligible in the state of New Jersey by clicking here.

NJ DOH Website

NJ DOH website can be accessed for state health news, updates, executive team, and public health information clicking here.

NJ DOH Address

NJ DOH address to send mail, documents, complaints, and different forms is:

New Jersey State Department of Health (NJ DOH)
369 S Warren St
NJ 08608

NJ DOH Fax Number

NJ DOH fax number to send fax messages, documents, complaints, and different forms is 609-633-9060.

NJ Vaccine Registry

NJ Vaccine Registry can be accessed for your own personal health information including immunization and vaccine in the state of New Jersey by clicking here.

NJ DOH Responsibilities

Watch this video to learn all about NJ DOH responsibilities, activities, and services.

New Jersey Medicaid Phone Number – What is New Jersey Medicaid Phone Number?

New Jersey Medicaid Phone Number regarding your New Jersey state health insurance is 1-800-701-0710.

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