Idaho DHW

Idaho DHW is the state agency responsible for public health in Idaho, main office located in Boise. Idaho DHW address is 450 W State St, Boise, Idaho 83702, phone number is (208) 334-5612. It is recommended you use the below Idaho DHW phone numbers for the different health matter you are calling for.

Idaho DHW Phone Number

Idaho DHW main phone number: (208) 334-5612
Administration Office Phone Number: (208) 334-6527
Idaho CareLine 2-1-1 or 800-926-2588
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
Report Child Abuse Hotline: 208-334-5437 or 855-552-5437
Report Health Care Fraud Phone Number: 208-334-5754
Report Welfare Fraud Number: 866-635-7515

DPH Email Address: [email protected]

Food stamps, Medicaid, ICCP, and TAFI Phone Number: 877-456-1233
Food stamps, Medicaid, ICCP, and TAFI Email Address: [email protected]
Vital Records Phone Number: 208-334-5980
Vital Records Email Address: [email protected]
Child Support Line: 800-356-9868
Child Support Email Address: [email protected]

Community resources Phone Number: 800-926-2588

DPH Director Phone Number: 208-334-5500
Deputy Directors: 208-334-5500
Northern Idaho Area Director and Tribal Liaison: 208-799-4338
Eastern Idaho Area Director: 208-239-6284
Division of Behavioral Health: 208-334-6997
Division of Family and Community Services: 208-334-0641
Division of Information and Technology Services: 208-334-6598
Division of Licensing and Certification: 208-364-1959
Division of Management Services: 208-334-0632
Division of Medicaid: 208-334-5747
Division of Public Health: 208-334-6996
Division of Self-Reliance (Welfare): 208-334-5696

Southwest Idaho Treatment Center: 208-442-2812
State Hospital North: 208-476-5411 x222
State Hospital South: 208-785-8402

Idaho DHW phone number to speak to a real person from Idaho DHW for state health matters including COVID-19, vaccine appointments, and medical insurance is (208) 334-5612.

Idaho State Department of Health Vaccine Appointment

Idaho vaccine appointment can be scheduled for those who are eligible in the state of Idaho by clicking here.

Idaho DHW Website

Idaho DHW website can be accessed for state health news, updates, executive team, and public health information clicking here.

Idaho DHW Address

Idaho DHW address to send mail, documents, complaints, and different forms is:

Idaho State Department of Health (Idaho DHW)
450 W State St
ID 83702

Idaho DHW Fax Number

Idaho DHW fax number to send fax messages, documents, complaints, and different forms is (208) 332-7346.

Idaho Immunization Records

Idaho Immunization Records can be accessed for your own personal health information including immunization and vaccine in the state of Idaho by clicking here.

Idaho DHW Responsibilities

Watch this video to learn all about Idaho DHW responsibilities, activities, and services.

Idaho Medicaid Phone Number – What is Idaho Medicaid Phone Number?

Idaho Medicaid Phone Number regarding your Idaho state health insurance is 877-456-1233. is a professional hub for Idaho DHW and all states health departments. This website is a completely independent, with affiliation with any of the federal or state’s government offices, agencies, boards, bureau, or commission.

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