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Texas DSHS is the state agency responsible for public health in Texas, main office located in Hamilton. Texas DSHS address is 200 E Gentry St A, Hamilton, Texas 76531, phone number is 512-776-7111. It is recommended you use the below Texas DSHS phone numbers for the different health matter you are calling for.

Texas DSHS Phone Number

Texas DSHS main phone number: 512-776-7111
Toll-free: 888-963-7111
Relay Texas which you can use by dialing 7-1-1 or 1-800-735-2989
COVID-19 Phone Number: 2‑1‑1 (choose Option 6)
COVID-19 Email: [email protected]

Commissioner: 512-776-7363
Senior Advisor: 512-776-7376
Deputy Commissioner: 512-776-7376
Senior Policy and Strategic Advisor: 512-776-5917
Legal: 512-776-6915
HHS Internal Audit: 512-428-1953
Chief of Staff: 512-776-7376
Center for External Relations: 512-776-3765
Communications: 512-776-6085
Governmental Affairs: 512-776-3246
Media Relations: 512-776-7119

Chief State Epidemiologist: 512-484-5397
Deputy State Epidemiologist: 512-839-2890
Center for Health Statistics: 512-776-3548
Data Governance: 512-776-7180 
Center for Public Health Policy & Practice: 512-776-7792
Office of Practice & Learning: 512-776-3751
Office of Public Health Policy & Practice: 512-776-6537
Chief Financial Officer: 512-776-7640
Deputy Chief Financial Officer: 512-776-7426
Accounting Section: 512-776-2227
Assistant Accounting Director: 512-776-2589
Requisition Unit Manager: 512-776-2108
Grants : 512-776-6646
Claims Unit: 512-776-2525
Revenue Management Unit: 512-776-2658
General Ledger Unit: 512-776-2217
Budget Section: 512-776-6931
Assistant Budget Director: 512-776-7566
Associate Commissioner for Program Operations: 512-776-7153

Business Support & Planning: 512-776-7642
Contract Management: 512-776-2115
Fiscal Monitoring: 512-776-6991
Program Support Operations: 512-776-3642
Public Health Portfolio: 512-776-6194
Associate Commissioner for Consumer Protection: 512-834-6775
Deputy Associate Commissioner: 512-834-6775
Compliance: 512-834-6621
Business Filing & Verification: 512-834-6730
EMS / Trauma Systems: 512-834-6745
Policy, Standards & Quality Assurance: 512-231-5658
Surveillance: 512-834-6629
Meat Safety Assurance: 512-834-6760, ext. 2541
Associate Commissioner for Laboratory & Infectious Disease Services: 512-776-7679
Deputy Associate Commissioner: 512-776-6678
Infectious Disease Prevention: 512-776-6355
TB/HIV/STD: 512-776-2002
Laboratory Services: 512-776-2468
Associate Commissioner for Regional & Local Health Operations: 512-776-7770
Deputy Associate Commissioner: 512-776-3164
 Center for Health Emergency Preparedness & Response (CHEPR): 512-776-7219
Texas Center for Infectious Disease: 210-531-4554

Public Health Region 1: 806-744-3577
Public Health Region 2/3: 817-264-4500
Public Health Region 4/5: 903-595-3585
Public Health Region 6/5: 713-767-3000
Public Health Region 7: 254-778-6744
Public Health Region 8: 210-949-2000
Public Health Region 9/10: 915-834-7675
Public Health Region 11: 956-423-0130

Associate Commissioner for Community Health Improvement: 512-776-7321
Deputy Associate Commissioner: 512-776-2184
Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention: 512-776-3554
Vital Statistics – State Registrar: 512-776-7646
Maternal & Child Health : 512-776-2567
Environmental Epidemiology & Disease Registries: 512-776-6351
Office of Coordination & Special Projects: 512-776-2749
Health & Human Services Commission – Human Resources: 737-867-8691
Health & Human Services Commission – Civil Rights Office: 1-888-388-6332 or 512-438-4313

Texas DSHS phone number to speak to a real person from Texas DSHS for state health matters including COVID-19, vaccine appointments, and medical insurance is 512-776-7111.

Texas State Department of Health Vaccine Appointment

Texas vaccine appointment can be scheduled for those who are eligible in the state of Texas by clicking here.

Texas DSHS Website

Texas DSHS website can be accessed for state health news, updates, executive team, and public health information clicking here.

Texas DSHS Address

Texas DSHS address to send mail, documents, complaints, and different forms is:

Texas State Department of Health (Texas DSHS)
200 E Gentry St A
TX 76531

Texas DSHS Fax Number

Texas DSHS fax number to send fax messages, documents, complaints, and different forms is (512) 776-7344.

Texas Vaccine Records

Texas Vaccine Records can be accessed for your own personal health information including immunization and vaccine in the state of Texas by clicking here.

Texas DSHS Responsibilities

Watch this video to learn all about Texas DSHS responsibilities, activities, and services.

Medicaid Number for Texas – What is Medicaid Number for Texas?

Medicaid Number for Texas regarding your Texas state health insurance is 800-335-8957.

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